Does It Matter When I Eat Protein? The Optimal Way to Consume Protein Throughout The Day For Muscle Growth

It’s clear that consuming enough protein each day is not only important for your health and performance goals, but also necessary to prevent a number of awful, but common ailments.

However, when it comes to WHEN to eat your protein throughout the day, does it make a difference? 


Proteina Breakfast

A New Study From Japan Gives Us Some Insight

When looking at the broader first-world population, most people tend to skew their daily protein intake towards dinner, eating less at breakfast and lunch

A 2020 study from Japan compared 2 groups of healthy young men to compare whether a protein-rich meal at breakfast is more effective for gaining muscle than loading protein at dinner.

Throughout the 12-week study, the two groups ate the same amount of protein (per kg of bodyweight) throughout the day, and followed the same 3x/week resistance training program. The only difference was the “high breakfast” group ate more protein at breakfast, instead of dinner.

“High Breakfast” Group

“Low Breakfast” Group











At the end of the 12 weeks, both groups saw increases in their lean body mass however the “High Breakfast” group gained 38% more.

  • “High Breakfast” Group: +2.5kg (5.5lbs)
  • “Low Breakfast” Group : +1.8kg (4 lbs)


While hitting your daily protein intake is the most important aspect of your diet, there is strong evidence that eating enough protein at breakfast will help your body better utilize that protein for muscle synthesis. Balance your protein intake throughout the day for optimal results.