Proteina cheese is produced in an organic dairy facility, about 1.5 hours outside of Quebec City.

We ship from our headquarters in Toronto
Will the cheese still be fresh when it's delivered?
We vacuum-pack our cheese, and place it in an insulated envelope with black-ice packs, inside an insulated shipping container. Further, we only use expedited shipping from Monday-Wednesday to ensure a 2-day maximum delivery.
We avoid shipping to apartment buildings without a concierge and ask that you either ship to a house where the driver can leave the package or to a business. If you want us to ship to an apartment building, we will, but we do not take responsibility in case the product spoils due to late delivery.

If you submit an order between Thursday-Sunday, we will send it on Monday

If your cheese is not fresh by the time it reaches you, we'll happily refund your money.

To request a refund, send an email to: with a picture of your cheese within a day of delivery.

UPDATE: due to Covid-19, Canada post has no longer guaranteed 2-day shipping windows. There's a chance you will not receive your cheese within 2 days, however our refund policy still applies


In Canada, only certified producers can use the term “organic.” Producers of organic products must meet strict specifications drafted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and are subject to regular inspections to ensure compliance

As it relates specifically to PROTEINA cheese, organic means:

  • The milk used to make organic cheese comes from organic farms where the cows eat only organically grown pasture grasses and top-quality organic cereals and grains.
  • Cows are not subjected to growth hormones or antibiotics and their natural rhythms are respected
  • The enzymes used to curdle milk into cheese (“rennet”), are not genetically engineered or animal-derived. Organic cheese uses naturally occurring ones instead.
  • Free from artificial colouring and flavouring
  • Minimal exposure to toxins and pesticides. 
  • Cows are not forced to produce beyond their natural capacities. they have a good quality of life so that they can live long, healthy lives
if you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog post on the benefits of organic cheese

33% of the content in Proteina cheese is composed of protein. This means for a serving of 30g (a 3cm cube) there is 10g of protein. In a 100g serving, there is 33g

As a comparison, cheddar cheese has 25g of protein per 100g (23% less), and has much higher amounts of calories/fat




There are no added ingredients to increase protein content, just an improvement in how the cheese is made.

The main difference is PROTEINA is made from organic skim milk, which eliminates most of the fat while maintaining protein levels.

Fermentation further reduces carbohydrate levels, increasing the overall protein content.

The rest is a secret of our cheesemakers :)


What kind of cheese is PROTEINA?

PROTEINA is technically categorized as a "skim milk cheese". In order to be classified as a cheddar, the cheese must contain at least 31% milk fat (m.f.).

The most frequent comparisons to other cheeses in terms of taste are a mild Cheddar and Mozzarella.


The first thing you’ll notice about Proteina cheese is the colour. Because there’s no artificial flavouring or colouring, it looks less fake and more pale than standard cheese. The closest taste comparison is a cheddar, and Proteina tastes a bit milder.

Due to the reduced fat content it has a more dry and rubbery texture - similar to that of a cheese string.

Bottom line, Proteina is delicious - on it’s own, or as a flavour enhancer for any of your favourite meals. The taste of organic cheese is highly sought-after among connoisseurs, and we know you’ll enjoy it as well.



During the cheesemaking process, the milk is thickened and the whey (liquid) is drained from the curds (solids). Whey typically has more lactose in it than curds do. Since the whey is drained from the curds before the cheese is made, this removes quite a bit of lactose. 

As cheese ages, it loses even more moisture. The longer a cheese has been aged, the less lactose will remain in the final product.

Proteina has removed virtually all lactose from the cheese using these processes.

What is the shelf-life of PROTEINA?
When sealed and refrigerated, PROTEINA has a shelf-life of 240 days (8 months)! After breaking the seal, the cheese will last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator.


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Organic pasteurized partially skimmed milk, salt, calcium chloride, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme.

Proteina is suitable for Vegetarians, however not Vegans.


Freezing won't impact the quality of the cheese, however it will impact texture. Since the % of fat in our cheese is pretty low, freezing it will make it dryer. If you mostly cook with it, you won’t see a big difference, but if you plan to eat it as is, you might be disappointed.