Our Story

I’ve always loved cheese.

But, a few years ago, two devastating discoveries shook my cheese addiction to the core:

  1. Cheese is very calorie-dense, and it was really easy for me to overdo
  2. I was lactose-intolerant

As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I knew I had to make a tough choice. So, I put my love affair with cheese on hold.

At the same time, all the advice from nutrition professionals said that most Canadians don’t eat enough protein, with active people needing a MINIMUM of 0.6g of protein per pound of bodyweight, daily. Following this advice resulted in me choking down sickening amounts of protein shakes and animal products that left me feeling bloated or guilty.

I knew there had to be a better way.

...And there was!

Someone from a fitness forum shared their incredible weight-loss transformation story, and credited their success to a high-protein cheese available in the UK.

Excited, I tried to order it to Canada, but quickly ran into a couple roadblocks:

  1. Cheese is hard to keep fresh when shipping overseas
  2. Import tariffs on dairy products are incredibly high in Canada, with the government favouring local cheese makers instead

I desperately searched for an equivalent product at home, but came up short. I knew there was an opportunity to share this discovery with liked-minded Canadians, if it existed.

I talked to an endless amount of cheese makers across Canada, big and small, asking if they had something similar to offer. Weeks of calls led to dead end after dead end.

Finally, I found a small organic dairy farm in Quebec who had created a similar innovation - a cheese that was lactose-free, incredibly high in protein, AND low in calories.

Not only that - it tasted amazing.

I jumped at the opportunity to partner with them, and am now on a mission to bring Proteina into the hands of as many Canadians as possible.

Whether you're trying to cut fat, build muscle, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, you can benefit from eating Proteina.

  • Replacing your normal cheese with Proteina means you'll get more protein for less calories
  • Adding Proteina to your diet will give you another source of lean and complete protein. This is especially important for vegetarians
  • If you had to give up cheese due to ethical or dietary restraints, Proteina is your lifeline back to real, delicious cheese. Lactose-free, gluten-free and 100% organic

I encourage you to try some yourself. Try some today.


Happy eating,

Alex Huras ("The Big Cheese")